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Property Investment Masterclass

The 4 pillars of property investing

In this 30 minute Property Investment Masterclass, Sadeq talks through the 4 key pillars that are used to effectively build and grow an Investment Portfolio. It shows how you can pay off your mortgage in 10 years, set up with passive income, or to grow wealth for retirement. This is a very high level view of general investment concepts, which we can apply to your circumstance as you work with us.

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We’re highly qualified

All of our Property Strategists are:
■ Qualified Property Investment Advisers (QPIA ®)
■ Licenced in finance & mortgage broking
■ Licenced Estate agents

Our successful track record

○ Educated 100’s of Australians on effective property investing
○ Helped 80+ Australians acquire property as part of their wealth creation strategy
○ Built multi-million dollar property portfolio for ourselves and our investors

Our investment into data & analytics

We have invested heavily and will continue to invest in the latest data & analytics to ensure we have the latest and most accurate data as part of our market research & acquisition

Our education & guidance

Rather than telling you why, we educate you, empower you and contextualize the data for you, so that you can see the ‘why’ for yourself and make an informed decision

Our customer first approach

We will never acquire a property that we don’t believe in or that you’re not comfortable with. At Abbass, we have a customer centric approach where all decisions are based around your specific and unique needs

Sadeq Abbass


We’re not a one size fits all. At Abbass Advocacy, our approach is to review every situation and provide a bespoke solution tailored to your unique needs. The 6 key strategies that we review for clients are:

Next steps

Our Buyers Advocacy service is not free, and we are not for everyone, but for those who are action takers looking to take advantage of building a high growth property portfolio, we would love to chat about working together.

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